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Scythe Bonus Promo Pack - 6 Promo Encounter Cards numbers 37-42 (Stonemaier Games)


This promo pack for Scythe includes encounter cards 37-42. You can choose either the complete set of 6, or each card individually (if you already have some of them).

PLEASE NOTE: You may have pledged to receive one or more of these cards as part of a media creator Kickstarter campaign (they were not included in any version or expansion for Scythe).

  • Promo card 37 was available as part of The Dice Tower crowdfunding campaign.
  • Promo card 38 was available as part of the Watch It Played crowdfunding campaign.
  • Promo card 39 was available as part of the Game Boy Geek crowdfunding campaign.
  • Promo card 40 was available as part of the No Pun Included crowdfunding campaign.
  • Promo card 41 was available in Spielbox magazine.
  • Promo card 42 was available as part of The Secret Cabal crowdfunding campaign.


This product was designed and produced by Stonemaier Games.


Price: $10.00