Puerto Rico Deluxe Upgrade Kit

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This deluxe Puerto Rico upgrade kit contains:

1 large painted trading house (69mm x 99mm)
5 large painted goods boats (each is 100+mm in length)
1 large painted citizen boat (very big - see a trend here?) :-)
50 goods: 9 coffee, 9 tobacco, 10 corn, 11 sugar, and 11 indigo

The boats are 2-sided, to give the players a whole other set of color/design options if they prefer. Toggle through the product images to see a detailed view of each side.

We are also offering an option for just the 6 boats (no goods or trading house).

Optional add-ons

100-piece set of brown mini meeples to replace the colonist discs
85-piece set of wooden "gold coins" (2-sided)
20-piece set of red mini meeples to replace the nobles from the expansion
(The treasure chest isn't available from us, but was actually picked up at a craft store)


Price: $59.00
Recommended Age: 13+
Admin Notes:option stock on full sets is exactly correct. can make 4 more than have 1 or more #2 boats. after that, only resources (or re-print).