Puerto Rico Deluxe Upgrade Kit

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11/9/21 UPDATE: We are now sold out of the main boat set. We will not be able to make any more complete sets for Puerto Rico unless we do a re-print. We do not have plans to reprint at this time, but if there is enough demand, we might do it at some point in the future. Thanks for understanding!


This deluxe Puerto Rico upgrade kit contains:

1 large painted trading house (69mm x 99mm)
5 large painted goods boats (each is 100+mm in length)
1 large painted citizen boat (very big - see a trend here?) :-)
50 goods: 9 coffee, 9 tobacco, 10 corn, 11 sugar, and 11 indigo

The boats are 2-sided, to give the players a whole other set of color/design options if they prefer. Toggle through the product images to see a detailed view of each side.

We are also offering an option for just the 6 boats (no goods or trading house).

Separately available items for Puerto Rico

100-piece set of mini meeples to replace the colonist discs (any color(s) of mini meeple can work, but the original game uses brown discs)
85-piece set of wooden "gold coins" (2-sided)
20-piece set of red mini meeples to replace the nobles from the expansion
(The treasure chest isn't available from us, but was actually picked up at a craft store)


Price: $59.00
Recommended Age: 13+
N/Aoption stock on full sets is exactly correct. can make 4 more than have 1 or more #2 boats. after that, only resources (or re-print).