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Mute Swan (None Have Babies) Meeples (8-pc set)

This 8-piece set of painted wooden bird meeples replaces one player's action cubes for Wingspan (any edition/expansion). It is actually NO LONGER part of the 80-piece European series, in favor of the more comonly chosen set of Mute Swans that has 4 with babies and 4 without. This option (no swans with babies) will probably be removed from our site as an option at some point.

If you would like an easy way to pick-and-choose bird sets from everything we have created as far, you may want to use this listing.

If you want all of the bird sets (or at least many of them), you may want to check out our 81-piece North American series80-piece Oceania series, and our Extended Series (birds not found in any of our larger sets).

Price: $10.00