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Spirit Island Premium Token Pack (218 pcs) - (Greater Than Games)

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Spirit Island will be better than ever with this premium token pack! With 218 wooden, silk-screened tokens to replace your energy tokens, fear tokens, and every type of environment token (including the Badlands tokens from Jagged Earth), you'll be able to defend the island with up to six spirits in play.
This set of tokens comes packaged in a full-color box roughly the size of the Branch & Claw expansion.

Set Contains:

35 Beasts Tokens

22 Wilds Tokens

30 Disease Tokens

22 Strife Tokens

25 Badlands Tokens

36 1-Engery Markers

18 3-Energy Markers

30 Fear Markers

This product was designed and produced by Greater Than Games

Price: $50.00
Recommended Age: 13+

Admin Notes:23 put in stock (we should have one ding and dent left in addition to those)