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Set of Painted Miniatures for Scythe - 42 miniatures! (7 factions, including airships!)

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UPDATE: All of the 2020  pre-orders for this set have sold out. The artist is painting continually, but can only complete 7 sets per month at present. As you can imagine, it is very time-consuming to paint by hand with this level of detail! If his pace increases, we will make sets available here at that time (once pre-orders are all fulfilled). Please feel free to click the "Get notified when back" link below for a one-time email stock notification.

This set contains 42 hand painted miniatures for the board game Scythe. This includes miniatures from the base game, Invaders from Afar, and The Wind Gambit. Click here for a super high resolution photo.

1 leader for each of the 7 factions
4 mechs for each of the 7 factions
1 airship for each of the 7 factions

Price: $295.00
Recommended Age: 13+