Wine Crate with Viticulture World (Cooperative Expansion) Included Inside (Stonemaier Games)

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The Wine Crate can be shipped to you.

We (Meeple Source) have represented Stonemaier Games at previous Gen Con conventions, and 2022 was no different! At Gen Con this year, we had a limited number of the Wine Crate organizer boxes, each also containing the new cooperative expansion, Viticulture World

Prior to the convention, we could only offer Wine Crates for pickup at the show. But we did come back with a small number of them for various reasons, so you now have the opportunity to order it and have it shipped to you. The shipping cost may be significant for some locations, particularly for international customers. It is large and heavier than many games, so the necessary shipping cost may be a deterrent. We just wanted you to be aware that the shipping cost is not a mistake - the size and weight of the product has been checked and is accurate on the site.


About the Wine Crate with Viticulture World

The Wine Crate is an organizer box for Viticulture, designed from the inside out to hold all Viticulture components in an assortment of custom plastic inserts. This version of the Wine Crate also contains the Viticulture World expansion.

In the Viticulture World expansion, cooperate with members of your extended winemaking family in various asymmetric regions around the world as you try to achieve global recognition. Balance the management of your individual vineyard with the combined effort of your fellow players to gain influence within the region.

The Wine Crate organizer box contains Viticulture World but does not contain the Viticulture core game, which is required to play Viticulture World. The first-game promo pack is included in this package as well.

Price: $65.00
RESTOCK EXPECTATION: We won't be getting any more of these, sorry! Stonemaier Games is planning to reprint them at some point, but the date has not yet been announced. We do carry the standard version of Viticulture World in our store.
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