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Robinson Crusoe Upgrade Kit (66-Piece Set)
Robinson Crusoe Upgrade Kit (66-Piece Set)

This Robinson Crusoe upgrade kit contains:
8 Character Meeples for base game
4 Character Meeples for expansion (Male & Female Missionaries, Charles Darwin, and Friday)
         NOTE: The male missionary piece is a little offset in the printing
1 Round Marker
1 Friday's Dog
5 Wound Markers (mini hearts)
6 Non-perishable food (barrels)
13 Perishable Food (bananas)
8 Fur
20 Wood (cross-sections)

Optional Meeples for Authorized Expansion Roles:
4-Piece Sailors and Gamers

Need only a partial set?
Only the Characters
Only the Resources

Price: $42.00
Recommended Age: 13+