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Orleans Promo Ortskarten #2: Opera, Cathedral, Statue (Tasty Minstrel Games)

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Orléans: Promo Ortskarten N°2 contains three tiles that can be used in the Orléans base game or deluxe edition. These tiles are the Opera, the Cathedral, and the Statue.

Advance your marker 1 step along the Scholars Track and receive the appropriate bonus - can only be used if there are no Scholars left in the supply. If your marker is already at the end of the Scholars Track, you receive the bonus of that space again. (6 development points)

Increases your development status by 1 for other Place Tiles such as the Hospital, for Events such as Income, and for the end-of-game scoring.

The Statue allows you to place each new character tile that you get from an action in phase 5 on the Market instead of into your bag.

Price: $5.00