Orleans Promo Ortskarten #1: Farm, Prairie, Christmas Market (Tasty Minstrel Games)

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Orléans: Promo Ortskarten N°1 contains three tiles that can be used in the Orléans base game or deluxe edition that were previously released as promotional tiles for publication partners. These tiles are the farm, the Orléans: Prairie, and Orléans: Christmas Market. (ships with English rules)

Orléans: Farm Previously only released in the Polish edition of the game. Receive the depicted goods from the supply corresponding to your position on the farmers strack. If those good are not available in the supply, you can't use this action.

Orléans: Prairie Whenever you move your Merchant to a town where one or more of the other players has already built a Trading Station, choose the owner of one of those Trading Stations. That player must give you (if possible) one goods item of their choice.

Orléans: Christmas Market When you activate the Christmas Market, roll a six-sided die (not included). The result determines the bonus you will be getting.

Price: $5.00