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Easy Bundle of 7 Orleans Promos (21 total tiles)


If you need all 7 of these Orleans promos by Tasty Minstrel Games, this is a simple bundle that gives you all 21 tiles. This package of convenience contains these 7 promos:

Orleans Neue Ortskarten #1: Bakery, Goldsmiths, Lair

Orleans Neue Ortskarten #2: Barracks, Court, Theatre

Orleans Neue Ortskarten #3: Port, Quarry, Workshop

Orleans Neue Ortskarten #4: Bourgeois House, Lock, Observatory

Orleans Neue Ortskarten #5:Road, Ballroom, Church

Orleans Promo Ortskarten #1: Farm, Prairie, Christmas Market

Orleans Promo Ortskarten #2: Opera, Cathedral, Statue

Additional Note: Individual tiles cannot be separated from the trio that it comes in.

Price: $35.00

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