Orleans Neue Ortskarten #3: Port, Quarry, Workshop (Tasty Minstrel Games)

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Neue Ortskarten N3:
  • Port - At the end of the game, you receive 10 victory points if you have a contiguous line of 4 Trading Stations that are connected via waterways.  You receive 15 victory points for 5 or more Trading Stations connected this way.
  • Quarry - Build a Trading Station in a town that does not have one already.  Pay 2 coins if you build it in the town your Merchant is at.  Otherwise, pay an additional 2 coins for each road or waterway between the destination town and the town your Merchant is at.
  • Workshop - Pay 1 coin and displace a Technology Tile to a different empty Action Space.  (If this activates an action, you can take the action later this round.) The usual placement rules for Technology Tiles still apply.)


Price: $5.00