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Orleans Neue Ortskarten #1: Bakery, Goldsmiths, Lair (Tasty Minstrel Games)

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Neue Ortskarten N1:
  • Bakery - Pay 2 coins and bake bread from up to 3 grain tiles, placing them on the Bakery.  These grain are now considered bread.  Bread is a good and a food item (so you can use it for Harvest). Bread is considered a good and counts when paying taxes.  At the end of the game, each bread is worth a number of victory points equal to your Development Status.
  • Goldsmiths - Pay any 1 good and advance your token on the Development Track by a number of spaces equal to the number of Trading Stations you built.
  • Lair - Pay any 1 good and use the bonus of one of the following tracks: Farmer, Craftsman, Trader, Boatsman, or Scholar.  You receive the bonus of the space your marker is currently at.  You can use the bonus even if there are no tiles left for that track.


Price: $5.00