Lost Ruins of Arnak Upgrade (62 pcs) - NOTE: Red & Blue Explorers are FACTORY IMPERFECT


NOTE ABOUT FACTORY IMPERFECT PIECES: We are currently sold out of "perfect" sets. At this point, we do not know if/when a full reprint may be coming. For now, what we have are Lost Ruins of Arnak upgrades where the red explorer and blue explorer have minor factory imperfections. We expect that most buyers will like these pieces just fine, but if you find yourself to be notably detail-oriented, it is possible that you may find these imperfections bothersome.

UPDATE, AS OF 12/31/21: The new expansion to Lost Ruins of Arnak includes player roles, and one player role (Captain) gives that player a 3rd archaeologist meeple. The stock component is a grey meeple, to be compatible with whichever player color is the captain, but we are not making a grey meeple. Since the Captain's 3 meeples are used indistinguishably, we feel that is better to have the 3 meeples look alike. So, if you would like to add a 3rd meeple of a certain color (in the drop down menu on this page), that would be the Captain's player color. If you would like the Captain to still be able to choose their player color among all 4, there is a drop down option to add a 3rd meeple for all 4 player colors. If you do not want to add extra meeples now, we will have them available separately on our site later, but as with all of our products, we cannot guarantee indefinite availability. Thanks!

This wooden upgrade includes 2 Character Meeples for each of the 4 archaeologists/players, as well as 27 compasses and 27 coin tokens.

List Price: $43.00
Price: $38.00
Recommended Age: 13+