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Fail Faster: The Playtesting Journal (by Jay Cormier)

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A playtesting journal that guides designers to take the notes they need to become better at playtesting and ultimately become a better designer.


  • Playtesters' names, in turn order
  • Score breakdowns
  • Timing for rules and gameplay
  • Rules changes since last test
  • Observations with different guidance on every page
  • Random 2d6, 1d20, 1d10, and 1d8 roll result
  • Random letter tile
  • Winning player's strategy
  • Feedback from testers with questions that change on every page
  • 36 different ProTips


  • Game idea generator
  • Goal setting page
  • Scoreboard on fold out back cover
  • Gamification of key behaviors to help you become a better playtester
  • Sticker page of badges, tabs and labels
  • Blind Playtest feedback form
  • Contract checklist and Manufacturing guildline


Price: $16.00