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Evacore Insert for Eclipse (Folded Space)

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Product Description

Folded Space inserts are made from sheets of Evacore - an EVA memory foam to which quality printed card is laminated to add rigidity. The card itself has an extremely thin mat laminate clear foil applied to the printed side to increase durability and to give a strong bond with the PVA glue needed for assembly.  


The Evacore sheets are cut using die-cutting to give a precision cut as per our insert design. Because the material expands once the mold blades are removed after cutting in the press, the tray pieces stay inside the sheet frame. Therefore, there is no need for any connection points from the piece to the frame, and prior to assembly you simply pop them out with no additional cutting necessary.  


Evacore has many superior qualities to foam-core (foam-board). Here is a video comparing the two materials:


You will receive a card box containing a number of cut sheets of the Evacore material. The trays are easy to punch out and are fun to build using everyday PVA glue. Easy-to follow instructions are included.



Compatible with Eclipse®, incl. Ship Pack One expansion. If you also have either or both of the Rise of the Ancients® & Shadows of the Rift® expansions, check out the Folded Space Eclipse Expansion insert.


Price: $29.25

Admin Notes:There were 6 but marked out of stock while we figure out problems. -Cynthia