Wooden Resource Bins for Everdell (set of 5)

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Everdell is such a beautiful game -- and now you can add another fine touch by keeping your resources in these nifty laser-cut wood holders instead of just leaving them in a pile on the game board when you play.

You'll receive a set of five (5) wood holders for your berries, twigs, pebbles and amber, and even your pearls if you have the wonderful Pearlbrook expansion. They fit in your game box, and are flush with the top of the insert so you can just leave your goodies in the holders and the game board will hold them in place.

Each holder is approximately 2.75x1.63x1.63" (70x42x42mm). They'll come flat-packed (to save you shipping costs), so you'll just need to bend the main piece and pop the tabs into the side pieces. Easy-peasy! A spot of glue (whatever type of you have handy) on the tabs will help keep everything in place for the long term.

This is an upgrade, not an official Everdell product. The game and its bits are not included.

Price: $15.75