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3D Printed Wingspan Organizer

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This beautiful and convinient 3D printed insert for Wingspan is espeically great for those people who have purchased our upgraded bird player markers, or people who want to keep the awesome Gametrayz insert that comes in the game but also want additional organization for the other components to make set up, tear down, and game player easier.


The set has 10 individual trays so each of the bird species can be kept seprately and passed out to players. It also has two separate food containers which can be kept on different sides of the table for easy access by all players. There is one more tray that was designed to hold the five dice. 


All of this fits in the box while leaving the Gametrayz insert in, and also leaving room for the eggs in their Stonemiar Games plastic containers, and either the original cardboard dice tower or the upgraded wooden one we sell here.




Price: $34.00
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