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Update, as of March 1, 2017...

For a variety of reasons, we have decided it necessary to discontinue this bonus program. New orders will no longer accrue these points, however points that were already awarded can still be used on new orders. As always, input is welcome at

Cynthia and Chris



Customer Loyalty Points

What are loyalty points?
The customer loyalty point program was started in the summer of 2011 as a way to reward our loyal customers with discounts on future orders. We occasionally may run promotions that increase the accrual rate of the loyalty points, similar to offering a site-wide discount, which is then redeemed on any subsequent order. Points can be accrued over many orders if you choose, and do not expire.
How are they earned?
In order to earn loyalty points, you must first create a cart login/account. This will expedite checkout by storing your shipping address(es) and keep track of previous orders, amongst several other features. Any orders that are placed while you are logged in will automatically earn loyalty points. Simple as that!
How are they spent?
Just like when the points were earned, simply log in to your customer account and place an order. At checkout you will be prompted to apply any previously earned loyalty point value to your order before paying the remaining balance. You may also choose to "bank" your points for a future purchase if you wish, as the points do not expire.
How much are they worth?
Our program is set up to deliver 100 points to your account per dollar spent (pre-shipping, post-discounts). The points are redeemed on future orders at a rate of 2000 points per dollar. Therefore, it is fundamentally a 5% "cash back" bonus on your next order.