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Solid Metal Meeples (16mm)
Solid Metal Meeples (16mm)

PLEASE NOTE: We are down to the last of our inentory on these, and do not plan to restock them at this time. If the site won't let you order the full amount that you want, it is because we simply don't have enough.

16mm x 16mm x 10mm constructed from solid metal, and plated in 5 distinct finishes. Eight times the mass of standard meeples, weighing in at an impressive 10.5 grams each. They also feature a small hole in one hand, so you can make custom accessories such as flags which mark different factions, or other accessories or tools. (This hole in one hand can also be used to make these meeples into key chains or bracelets)

These beautiful metal meeples will make a wonderful addition to your game collection and can be used in many different worker placement games!

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Recommended Age: 13+