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Scythe Easy Bundle #2 - Scythe Accessories (Stonemaier Games) - PRE-ORDER!
Scythe Easy Bundle #2 - Scythe Accessories (Stonemaier Games) - PRE-ORDER!

This easy bundle is a great way to get all the Scythe acessories Stonemaier Games currently makes, in one easy package! It includes the 80 piece metal coin set, the realistic resources, the board extension, and the gorgeous artbook! If you're also interested in the promo coins ($2 and $50 coins), you'll have a chance to add those on as well!

PRE-ORDER: This item is a pre-order and NOT available for immediate shipping. The estimated shipping date for this item is June 2017. Any orders that contain pre-order items will ship all together once all items are ready. If you want in-stock items to ship right away, please make two separate orders. Thanks!

This product was designed and produced by Stonemaier Games.

Price: $102.00
94.40 EUR 81.75 GBP 136.39 CAD